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Maintenance of Pea Gene Bank - GC0132SFV

To contribute to the maintenance and characterisation of genetic variability of the pea collection maintained at
the John Innes Centre. To promote the utilisation of germplasm and associated data by researchers and breeders for the improvement of the crop and the further understanding of the diversity and genetic variability and patterns of diversity within Pisum.
These activities directly address the policy objectives of trying to ensure that genetic resources are made available for research while addressing the changing objectives of research and relevant industries (i) and to facilitate the characterisation and utilisation of genetic resources (iii).
New material entering the collection will be multiplied and characterised. Data will be incorporated into relevant databases held on the collection, which will aid in future searching and screening exercises. Safety duplicates of the collection will be addressed and key germplasm will be duplicated as a specific objective. Both material and data will be made available and will be actively promoted.
Scientific Objectives

i) To maintain and characterise the collection of 3150 accessions of pea collection.
To manage the collection by dealing with new introductions and their characteriation (30-50 per year),
regeneration of older accessions (200 per year).

ii) To maintain and update associated passport and characterisation databases on the collection.
Includes stock management, passport, and characteration files. Also includes the revision of exisiting data, obtaining of new information on existing germplasm such as georeference data.

iii) To ensure adequate safety duplication of the collection.
Identify priority material and undertake the generation of 200 duplicate samples per year.

iv) To actively collaborate with research groups and commercial organisations at both national and international levels in the improvement of the crop.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2002

To: 2007

Cost: £99,561
Contractor / Funded Organisations
John Innes Centre (BBSRC)
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Sustainable Farming and Food              
Fields of Study
Plant Genetics