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Compositional traits - effect on GM survivability and persistence - CB02011

Although genetically modified crops modified for compositional traits are released currently following risk assessment under the Part B approval process there has been only one application for release of a GM crop modified for a compositional trait submitted under the Deliberate Release regulations for marketing (Part C approval).

In order to evaluate such applications effectively, and to take a proactive position on the use in the environment of GM crops modified to express new traits, the Department seeks tenders for a one year contract to perform a desk study to review the range of modifications which result in qualitative or quantitative changes in the composition of GM crops and the potential for such changes to alter survivability and persistence.

i) Review information on current and future potential applications of genetic modification to change compositional traits as the target alteration or as a side effect. This should include different crop species and the genes involved.
ii) Review information on the effects or likely effects, if any, of changes in compositional traits identified in i) on persistence and /or survival of the GM crop in the environment.
iii) Produce a report summarising all reviewed data and containing recommendations for risk assessment of GM crops modified for compositional traits.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Compositional traits - effect on GM survivability and persistence   (1132k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2002

To: 2003

Cost: £49,945
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Atkins Environment
Agricultural Land              
Environmental Protection              
GM Non-Food              
GM Risk Assessment              
Fields of Study
Biotechnology and GMOs