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Impact of Fisheries Bycatch on Endangered Migratory Species - WP01023

The significant and continuing mortality of wildlife through fisheries by-catch is a global issue on which the need for action and co-operation has been recognised at both national and international levels. In respect of seabirds it is being addressed globally by FAO, but it is of great importance to the survival of many of the species conserved under the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS). CMS Resolution No. 6.2 on By-catch, drafted by the UK and adopted by consensus in 1999, urged stronger measures against by-catch, recognising that it was imperative to engage regional fisheries management organisations in the pursuit of workable solutions. The Resolution also called on CMS Parties to adopt mitigating measures and to further develop effective mitigation devices.The need for support for measures to tackle by-catch was also given prominence as a result of decisions taken at the July 2000 Meeting of the Parties of the CMS Agreement ASCOBANS, where the UK Government gave a clear sign that it was committed to reducing the target for by-catch of cetaceans in the ASCOBANS area. Work in developing a new CMS albatross agreement has highlighted the need for by-catch measures to be addressed in the context of others (eg on habitats).
Project Documents
• Final Report : Monitoring levels required in European Fisheries to assess cetacean bycatch   (463k)
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From: 2002

To: 2003

Cost: £34,000
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