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Breeding bird survey of the Cotswold Hills ESA and Exmoor ESA - MA01006

A major aim of agri-environment schemes is to bring about changes to habitat management that benefit wildlife. Many upland and wetland areas have been targeted through the ESA and Countryside Stewardship Schemes. The RSPB is co-ordinating repeat surveys of major upland and wet grassland habitats in the UK through the Repeat Upland Bird Survey and the Birds of Lowland Wet Grassland Survey with fieldwork to be undertaken in 2002. Given the correspondence with agri-environment objectives, in particular the objectives of some ESA`s, as well as Defra's PSA target on farmland birds, Defra is contributing funding to support both these surveys.

The objective is to undertake repeat national surveys of breeding birds in upland and lowland wet grasland habitats and to report on the outcomes. Where appropriate, the results should be analysed with respect to the influence of management under Defra agri-environment schemes.

The surveys will be undertaken in accordance with the methodologies used in the original surveys.

The outcomes will be reported through scientific journals and through the popular nature conservation press. Summary reports of findings will be published during 2003.

Project Documents
• Final Report : Final Report Part 2 - Exmoor ESA.pdf   (15829k)
• Final Report : Final Report - Cotswold Hills ESA   (2728k)
• Final Report : Final Report Part 1 - Exmoor ESA.pdf   (12632k)
• Executive Summary : SUMMARY.doc   (26k)
• Specification : Specification - Cotswold Hills ESA.doc   (29k)
• Specification : Specification - Exmoor ESA.pdf   (11k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2002

To: 2002

Cost: £30,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Royal Society for Protection of Birds
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Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Agriculture