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Review of Genetic Research - WC01015

DNA technology has revolutionised criminal investigations. In addition to its proven application in the field of human forensic science world-wide, DNA analysis techniques have been shown to possess similar potential for criminal investigations involving other animals and plants. Previous DETR-sponsored DNA research, which focused on certain species of birds of prey, has proved to be of pivotal importance in securing convictions against more than a dozen wildlife criminals during the last three years. Research to date has shown that genetic markers vary between species but may often be informative within groups of closely related species. Thus, a significant amount of baseline data needs to be accumulated to validate such markers, to ensure an appropriate level of robustness before they can be applied forensically. However, significant conservation benefits would be gained by identifying groups of species in trade which are of key conservation importance, and where DNA technology is most likely to prove valuable to the enforcement authorities
Project Documents
• Final Report : A Review of Current Wildlife Species Genetic Research   (652k)
• Executive Summary : A Review of Current Wildlife Species Genetic Research   (22k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2001

To: 2003

Cost: £33,065
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Lifestyles Research
Environmental Protection              
Nature conservation              
Wildlife conservation              
Wildlife Management              
Fields of Study
Wildlife Conservation