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Impact of Bt exudates from roots of GM plants - CB02007

It has been reported that genetically modified Bt maize exudes its insecticidal toxin from its roots into the soil. This is perhaps not surprising as it is very common for plants to produce natural exudates composed of dilute solutions of metabolites. Bt toxin present in the exudates binds to soil particles and retains its insecticidal properties for long periods. This may have environmental implications particularly in soil communities. This toxin may affect non-target organisms such as invertebrates that ingest soil particles either directly or indirectly.

The contractor was asked to
- review the available literature on insecticidal proteins found naturally in soil and their effects on soil ecology
- produce a report considering the findings of the review giving a clear assessment of the potential environmental risks and make clear proposals for research required in this area
- identify the information requirements applicants should submit to assess the risks to soil ecologies.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Impact of Bt exudates from roots of GM plants   (1264k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2001

To: 2002

Cost: £37,669
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Forest Research Station (Alice Holt)
Agricultural Land              
Environmental Protection              
GM Non-Food              
GM Risk Assessment              
Fields of Study
Biotechnology and GMOs