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Nutrient management decision support system (PLANET) - KT0113

The overall objective of the project is to produce an electronic nutrient management decision support system (running title PLANET)for use by farmers and their advisers. The PLANET decision support system (DSS)will be developed as a practical tool that is easy to use, so that farmers will want to use it for their own economic benefit and to protect the envoronment. The PLANET- DSS will have five funtional modules and an electronic library, viz:

Field-level nutrient and lime recommendations;

Farm-level nutrient audit;

Organic manure inventory and storage requirements;

NVZ organic manure N loading calculator;

Fertiliser and lime buying calculator.

Each module will be programmed as a dynamic link library which commercial software companies will have the opportunity to integrate into their own commercial software systems which are currently in use on farms. Also, the modules will be made avaliable within an independent standalone software application for use by farmers and their advisers. The public launch of PLANET - version 1 (nutrient and lime recommendations) is scheduled for summer 2004, with a combined launch of the Defra/EA standalone version and commercial software version on the same date. Management of the project will be overseen by a Steering Group chaired by Defra.

The PLANET - DSS will assist Defra and the EA in achieving their policy objectives of reducing diffuse water and air pollution from agriculture. PLANET will provide suppot to farmers and their advisers in the adoption of best management practices in the use of fertilisers and organic manures, as part of the continued development of economically and environmentally sustainable farming systems.
To produce an electronic nutrient management decision support system (running title PLANET) for use by farmers and their advisers.

To develop a master copy of the PLANET-DSS based on the technical content of RB209 and MANNER

To work with the agricultural software industry to ensure that the PLANET software can be integrated within existing software systems used by farmers or new systems currently under development.

To produce farm nutrient audit, organic manure inventory, manure N loading and fertiliser buying calculator modules for incorporation into PLANET.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2003

To: 2006

Cost: £693,809
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