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Effect of driver behaviour on the behaviour of sheep in transit - AW0930

This project will relate driver behaviour and driving events during a journey with the behavioural responses of sheep to these events. A training video using the material and results from the scientific work will be produced. This work would produce knowledge that would assist Defra's policy of ensuring that systems for the transportation of animals are consistent with the highest available welfare standards. The welfare of animals in transit may be affected by driving style during the journey. Driving style will have major influence on the welfare of the animals (e.g. risk of injury), through the accelerations and vibrations caused by braking, cornering and various other driving manoeuvres and the manner of their performnce. This study would relate the driver's behaviour and actions with the behavioural response of the animals to the changes in the motion of the vehicle as a response of the actions of the driver. Knowledge and an awareness of the effects of driving style and driving events e.g. rapid braking, on the responses of the animals in the livestock section of the vehicle should result in improved welfare for animals during transport. The research output will provide a basis for training and recommendations and/or legislation or codes of practice relating to driver training and behaviour that is likely to improve the welfare of animals in transit.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Effect of driver behaviour on the behaviour of sheep in transit   (181k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2002

To: 2002

Cost: £38,923
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University - Edinburgh
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