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Post Event Appraisal - Phase 1 - FD2012

Project Closing Statement:
The study concludes that post event appraisals provide substantial value. The project documents provide guidance to identify the need and scope for the development of a working `pilot` post event appraisal `system` to inform subsequent policy, strategy and decision-making processes, engineering design, managerial and operational procedures and performance evaluation. Primary responsibility for incorporating this into internal operations systems lies with the Environment Agency and, where appropriate, other operating authorities.

Summary Objectives:
The benefits of post event appraisals in design and flood warning are generally understood and documented, however, their use for strategic decision making and linking to performance indicators and high level targets, needs to be developed. The project will review practices and procedures, identify needs, benefits and costs and make recommendations for further work to improve post event appraisals and their

Key Customer Purpose:
To improve co-ordination and management of post event appraisal of flooding and erosion. This will provide essential information for design, flood forecasting and warning, and strategic decision-making.

Project Documents
• Final Report : Post Event Appraisal - Best Practice Guidance   (115k)
• Other : Post Event Appraisal - Report of studies. Monitoring, recording and analysing events: Project Record 1   (1194k)
• Other : Post Event Appraisal - Questionnaire Survey: Project Record 2   (829k)
• Technical Report : Post Event Appraisal - (Outline) Best Practice Guide. Monitoring, recording and analysing events: Technical Report   (1688k)
• Technical Summary : Post Event Appraisal - Best Practice Guidance: Technical Summary   (26k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2002

To: 2002

Cost: £33,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Bullen Consultants
Environmental Protection              
Flood and Coastal Defence              
Flood Defence              
Policy Development              
Fields of Study
Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management