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Analysis of lesion profiles in sheep with foot and mouth disease and idiopathic mouth ulcers - SE1118

The research will develop and evaluate a system of lesion recording in sheep with Foot and Mouth Disease(FMD) with a view to describing a profile of lesions specifically associated with FMD.

To compile a comprehensive photographic reference collection. This will assist in the clinical diagnosis of FMD in the future and provide criteria which will help to distinguish FMD from other conditions such as Orf and Ovine Mouth and Gum Obscure Disease (OMAGOD).

To analyse the data available on existing Telephone Reports, FM1 Reports, and Abnormality Description Sheets compiled for selected (by TVI and region) outbreaks of FMD in sheep to determine if the clinical data recorded is sufficient to determine if FMD was present on clinical grounds and to assess the robustness of the lesion recording and profiling system.

To obtain national prevalence data and clinical descriptions of non-FMD oral ulcers in sheep, using sheep heads submitted to VLA regional laboratories for the national scrapie survey which has been designed to supply a statistically valid sample of the national flock (beginning February 2002). Sheep submitted under the surveillance programme will also be subject to the same protocol.

The project will also investigate any association with abnormal dentition by carrying out a case control study using material from the same survey.

An archive of fixed tissues will be established to facilitate further research into the pathogenesis of this condition.

The work has been commissioned by CSG.
1. To develop a lesion recording system for sheep with suspected FMD.

2. To apply this system on confirmed FMD infected sheep farms to determine the lesion profile in FMD.

3. To apply the system to farms being culled as “slaughter on suspicion” or as “clinically confirmed” which subsequently are proven to be negative to obtain lesion profiles for FMD-like conditions.

4. To analyse the existing Telephone Reports, FM1 Reports and Abnormality Description Sheets to determine if the data recorded is sufficient to attempt a clinical diagnosis of FMD.

5. To apply lesion recording and scoring system to selected data from objective 4, in order to determine if the scoring system is robust and accurate at differentiating FMD from other conditions.

6. To examine the photographic evidence taken throughout the current outbreak to relate it to the lesion profiles described above and to compile a photographic record for the production of a “field guide to the differential diagnosis of FMD in sheep”.

7. To examine all sheep heads from the national scrapie survey and surveillance projects for evidence of oral ulceration, in order to obtain a national prevalence figure for idiopathic mouth ulcers.

8. To perform a case control study assessing the asssociation of oral ulceration with abnormal dentition.

9. A photographic record of the abnormalities in each case will also be recorded and collated centrally to add to item 6.

10. To obtain a histopathology archive of oral ulcers in sheep for future research.

Project Documents
• Final Report : Analysis of lesion profiles in sheep with foot and mouth disease   (749k)
• Final Report : Analysis of lesion profiles in sheep with foot and mouth disease and idiopathic mouth ulcers   (749k)
• Final Report - Annex : Analysis of lesion profiles in sheep with foot and mouth disease and idiopathic mouth ulcers   (122k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2001

To: 2003

Cost: £201,926
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Veterinary Laboratories Agency
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Fields of Study
Animal Health