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The identification and control of biofilms on food processing surfaces - FS1002

To develop suitable biofilm sampling methods, identify food processing environments, products and processes which could give rise to significantly high levels of bioflim bacteria on surfaces and define sanitation programmes which are effective in their control within the constraints of time, safety and economics.
1. To search available food company in-house data to ascertain microbial contamination levels and types in food processing environments. 2. To further develop methodology to elucidate microbial numbers, viability and the nature of surface biofilms. 3. To examine a range of surfaces within food processing environments for biofilms with respect to product type (chill, frozen, heat preserved etc.), surface type(wall, floor, machine etc.) and processing area(preparation, post process, 'high risk'etc.) 4. To examine in the laboratory the effect of detergency, spray pressure, mechanical action, soil and microorganism types and surface marterial characteristics on cleaning efficiency for a range of cleaning methodologies. 5. Using modelled biofilms and surface microbial viability techniques , examine in the laboratory the effect of disinfectant type, microorganism type and cleaning factors prior to disinfection on disinfection efficiency. 6. To assess the control of biofilms in the food processing environment by examining a range of cleaning methods with regard to efficiency, costs, time and management.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1991

To: 1994

Cost: £256,159
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Campden Technology Ltd