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Use of DNA probe technology for identification of animal species in uncooked and cooked meat. - AN0607

The purpose of this project is to develop a DNA probe based diagnostic test which would enable meat samples to be analysed for origin in terms of its species of origin. DNA extraction and amplification technology will be explored to enable tests to be carried out on both cooked and uncooked meat samples. Availability of such a testing procedure will provide reassurance to the consumer as to the acceptability, quality and safety aspects associated with the origin of the meat offered at point of sale.
To develop DNA probe-based diagnostic techniques for identification of primarily species-of-origin of raw meat and cooked meat produects. The probe technology will be explored with a view to extending to the development of rapid kit-based procedures suitable for use 'in the field'. training in research and development for the postgraduate student.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1991

To: 1994

Cost: £19,534
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Leicester Uni, MRC Inst of Environment &