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Assessment of emissions and environmental impacts of animal incinerators in the UK - WA0806

A review is proposed to establish information on small carcass incinerator emissions. Measurements will be undertaken to obtain information to assess pollution risks and best available techniques for the control of emissions from small carcass incinerators.

The results will be used to provide an appropriate response to the European Union on any proposed changes to the Animal Waste Directive.
01. Review the literature from the UK and world-wide on gaseous emissions from combustion of animal carcasses in small incinerators.
02. Measure appropriate emissions to air from 11 (possibly 12) UK small carcase incinerators.
03. Based on the measurements above, assess the air pollution risk from small carcase incinerators in the UK and discuss the need for appropriate emission controls in the light of this assessment.
04. Use the analyses to explore “Best Available Techniques for these incinerators by comparing the costs and benefits and practicalities of a range of possible scenarios for future disposal of animal carcases that are currently burnt in these small incinerators.

Note: The total of 12 carcase incinerators assumes that the Environment Agency will allow the inclusion of our forth coming work at Stotfold on the adhoc monitoring contract as this is provided under separate contract.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Final report for WA0806   (319k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2001

To: 2001

Cost: £149,984
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AEA Technology
Environmental Protection              
Land Contamination              
Peer Review              
Sustainable Production              
Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Agriculture