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Audit of Possible Contamination with BSE (in the MBM study, SE 1413) (see also SE0233) - SE0231

To provide MAFF with confidence in a range of contamination scenarios that would lead to ambiguous results in the scrapie study. A risk model (based on a previous feasibility study) will assess the likelihood of contamination scenarios associated with each stage of the scrapie study. The study will also explore how the interpretation of strain typing data can be enhanced. The results will be presented to expert review and then the risk assessment updated. The risk assessment will be extended to consider substitution scenarios in detail. The overall objective of this research will be to provide information on the reliance that can be placed on the results of the series of experiments carried out in the scrapie and related study
Project Documents
• Final Report : Audit of Possible Contamination with BSE (in the MBM study, SE1413)   (61k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2000

To: 2002

Cost: £180,983
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