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Field of Study: Soil Protection

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Soil fulfils a wide range of functions. These include exploitative functions such as agriculture, forestry, minerals extraction and as a platform for development. It also includes passive functions such as carbon sequestration, providing the basis of ecosystems and a platform for leisure activities. Soil anywhere will almost invariably be supporting more than one function at any one time.

The soil resource, and its quality, is affected by a wide range of policies and actions, each of which is usually related to only a few of these functions. Also, each of these measures has generally been set to achieve the best overall outcome within its own terms of reference.

• Minerals restoration
• Sewage Sludge
• Soil acidification
• Soil Erosion
• Soil management, indicators and quality
• Soil physical protection
• Soil Policy Support
• Soil Resources
• Soil surveying around nuclear power stations
• Soil Sustainability
• Soils in the Built Environment
• Strategic soil science
• Strategic Underpinning for Soil Science
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Page last updated : 19 March 2003