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Field of Study: Arable Crops

Below are details of the field of study selected.


• Arable crop botany and weed science
• Arable crop commodity storage
• Arable crop genetics and breeding
• Arable Crop Improvement: Wheat and Barley
• Arable crop pathology and disease management
• Arable crop physiology and technology
• Arable crop transformation technologies
• Arable crop zoology and pest science
• Cereals Crop Protection: Disease Forecasting and Thresholds.
• Cereals Crop Protection: Pest Forecasting, Thresholds and Natural Enemies.
• Cereals Crop Protection: Weed Science and Integrated Weed Control
• Cereals Mechanical Engineering.
• Integrated Strategies for Control of Grain Storage Pests
• Strategic Crop breeding and Management relevant to Cereals Division.
• Strategic Crop breeding and Management relevant to Sugars, Oilseeds and Proteins Division.
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Page last updated : 19 March 2003