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Field of Study: Sustainable Consumption and Production

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The concept of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) covers all the lifecycle environmental impacts of goods and services, from impacts associated with resource extraction through to final disposal. The SCP challenge is therefore extremely broad, but the central theme is simple: more efficient use of resources in production and consumption, in order to reduce or avoid the associated lifecycle impacts. Today’s environmental problems e.g. resource depletion, climate change, pollution, waste and biodiversity loss can all be traced to the products and services we produce and consume. All of the UK economy’s environmental impacts are in some way linked to the lifecycle phases of products and services across the supply chain, and impacts may arise in the UK or abroad. Defra is developing a shared SCP evidence base. Our intention is that the evidence base should be valued and used not only by Defra and DBERR, but also by others inside and outside government. In order to inform UK SCP policy the evidence generation programme encompassing a diverse range of R&D projects is in place. This evidence is designed to inform effective policy decisions.

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• Sustainable Consumption & Production - EV02
• Sustainable Consumption & Production Evidence
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