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Field of Study: Waste Management

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Taking action on waste is essential, since we are consuming natural resources at an unsustainable rate and contributing unnecessarily to climate change.

Each year we generate about 100 million tonnes of waste from households, commerce and industry combined. Most of this currently ends up in landfill, where biodegradable waste generates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. And much valuable energy is used up in making new products which are later disposed of, so also contributing to climate change.

• A: Understanding Economics & Incentives
• B: Effective Regulation
• C: Increasing Resource
• Contaminated Land (EQ02)
• D: Stimulating Investment in Waste Collection
• Decision Support Tools
• E: Promoting Shared Responsibilities
• Economics
• Environment & Health
• F: Assembling, Modelling & Interpreting Evidence
• Litter
• Market Development and Intervention
• Overarching Issues/Stakeholder Forums
• Residual Wastes Management
• Social Dimension
• Sustainable Resource Consumption and Management
• Systems for Resource Recovery
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Page last updated : 19 March 2003