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Field of Study: Water Quality

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We are responsible for all aspects of water policy in England, including water supply and resources, and the regulatory systems for the water environment and the water industry. These include:

  • drinking water quality
  • the quality of water in rivers, lakes and estuaries, coastal and marine waters
  • sewage treatment; and
  • reservoir safety.

Many quality standards are set at European level. We work closely with the Environment Agency, which manages water resources and enforces water quality standards, and the Office of Water Services, which is responsible for economic regulation of the water industry. We also co-ordinate policy for the coastal and marine environment, including international agreements on the North East Atlantic and the North Sea, and policy on inland waterways.

• Contaminated Land
• Distribution, Conservation and Quality (WT02)
• Drinking Water Quality and Health (WT12)
• Marine and Land-Based Inputs to the Sea
• Quality of Controlled Waters
• R&D Quality of Controlled Waters
• R&D Sewage Sludge Disposal to Land
• Sewage Sludge Disposal to Land
• Water Quality (SFFS)
• Water Resources and Resources Strategy (WT01)
• Water Resources and Resources Strategy (WT11)
• Water Use (SFFS)
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