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Field of Study: Pesticide Safety

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PSD is an executive agency of Defra. They ensure  that pesticides in the UK are safe for users, consumers and the environment.

Their Aims

  • To ensure the safe use of pesticides for people and the environment
  • To reduce the negative impacts of pesticides, encourage reductions in their use, taking account of best pactice, and the development and introduction of alternative ways to control pests, weeds and diseases. This is part of the move towards sustainable food and farming
  • To harmonise pesticide regulation within Europe and provide a level playing field for crop protection

• Aetiology of disease, pest and weed infestation, assessment of their incidence and effects of contro
• Alternative Plant Protection Technologies
• Analytical Chemistry and Residues
• Biological / Integrated control
• Ecological and economic effects of pesticides in reduced input systems.
• Ecological Impacts
• Efficacy improvement of pesticides
• Environmental effects of pesticides
• Environmental Effects of Pesticides: Non-target Effects on Invertebrates, Flora and Microbial Biomas
• Environmental Effects of Pesticides: Non-target Vertebrates
• Environmental Fate and Behaviour
• Fate and Behaviour of Pesticides in Soil and Water
• General support for CSL R&D programmes
• Human Risk Assessment
• Minimisation of Pesticide Use Through Improved Efficacy and Formulation.
• Non-target Risk Assessment
• Pesticide Application and Operator Safety.
• Pesticide Application Technology
• Pesticide Residue Monitoring
• Pesticide Residues and Analytical Methods
• Pesticides Formulation Monitoring
• Pesticides Usage Survey
• Policy Associated Research
• Provision of data revelant to pesticide regulation
• Rodenticide Efficacy, Mole Control and Humaneness of Vertebrate Pesticides
• Strategic Research on Crop Protection by Hormones, Semiochemicals,Elicitors and Biological Control
• Strategies to Avoid Resistance to Pesticides
• Strategies to avoid resistance to pesticides
• Understanding Pesticide Resistance
• Wildlife Incident Investigation
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Page last updated : 19 March 2003