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Field of Study: Animal Health

Below are details of the field of study selected.

The health and welfare of animals is central to Defra's work of protecting and improving livestock and controlling and eradicating disease

• ADAS BSE research
• African swine fever
• Antimicrobial Resistance (AB01)
• Antimicrobial Resistance (OD20)
• Antimicrobial resistance in zoonotic bacteria
• Avian coccidiosis
• Biosecurity
• Bluetongue & Related orbiviruses, molecular biology
• Bluetongue and related viruses
• Bovine Mastitis
• Campylobacter
• Coronavirus diseases of agricultural importance
• Developing improved control strategies for TB in cattle and badgers
• Diagnosis of exotic virus infection
• Disease diagnosis & control
• E. coli O157
• Epidemiology of exotic diseases
• Epidemiology of spongiform encephalopathies
• Evaluating currently available strategies for the control of TB in cattle and badgers
• Food-borne zoonoses
• IBV in poultry
• Immune control of respiratory diseases of calves
• Mastitis
• Mechanisms of pathogenesis in spongiform encephalopathies
• Modelling of disease spread and control
• Molecular genetics of foot and mouth disease virus
• Molecular studies on FMDV
• MoU with VMD
• Neoplastic and other diseases of chickens
• New and emerging diseases
• Non-statutory bacterial diseases
• Non-statutory parasitic diseases
• Non-statutory viral diseases
• NPU BSE research
• Other food and water borne zoonoses
• Other non-food borne zoonoses
• Other statutory diseases
• Pathogenesis and immunity of enteric disease in calves
• Pathogenic determinants of bacteria causing enteric and respiratory diseases in pigs
• Rabies
• Rabies.
• Research on diseases of turkeys
• Research on enteric and respiratory diseased in pigs
• Respiratory diseases of housed calves
• Salmonella infection in cattle and poultry
• Salmonella.
• Statutory diagnostic services for exotic virus diseases
• Statutory parasitic diseases
• Studies of natural and experimental spongiform encephalopathies related to diagnosis
• Surveillance: International Trade
• Surveillance: Statutory and Exotic Bacteria
• Surveillance: Statutory and Exotic Viruses
• Surveillance: Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies
• Systems of disease security
• TB - Policy
• Transmissibility of the spongiform encephalopathies
• Tuberculosis
• Understanding causes of TB breakdown in cattle herds
• Vaccine development for foot-and -mouth disease viruses
• Vaccine research and development
• Vector Borne Diseases
• Veterinary Drug Residue Monitoring (Statutory)
• Veterinary Training Initiative
• VLA Endemic Casework - Contract M
• VLA Risk Assess Test Strategies TB - Contract L
• VLA Surveillance - Contract G
• VLA Surveillance - Contract T
• VLA Surveillance for Endemic Diseases - Contract A
• VLA Surveillance for Exotic Diseases - Contract C
• VLA Surveillance for Import/Export - Contract F
• VLA Surveillance for TSE - Contract E
• VLA Surveillance for Zoonoses - Contract B
• VMD Biochemical
• VMD Biological
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