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Field of Study: Noise

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We develop and promote initiatives to address noise and other statutory nuisance and manages research into noise. The Noise and Nuisance team is responsible for:

  • developing policy on neighbourhood noise (other than in the workplace) and other statutory nuisance (eg dust and smells/odours, bonfire nuisance).
  • developing policy on ambient noise (including a proposed National Ambient Noise Strategy - NANS);
  • negotiating proposals for European legislation on environmental noise and implementing the legislation once it comes into force;
  • managing noise research including noise mapping, assessing current levels and attitudes to environmental noise, a series of joint projects with the Department of Health on Noise and Health, projects connected with the proposed EC Directive on Environmental Noise and the proposed Ambient Noise Strategy and projects in response to noise and other nuisance issues;
  • disseminating information on how to avoid causing annoyance to others and what to do if you have problem;

• Noise and Nuisance (NO01)
• Noise and Nuisance (NO02)
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