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Field of Study: Livestock

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The Livestock Science Unit commissions research on behalf of the Livestock Products and Livestock Strategy Divisions, to support policy development towards increasing the sustainability of the UK livestock farming industry. The main themes of its research strategy are to reduce the environmental impact of livestock farming, whilst enhancing economic viability and animal welfare; and to improve the quality and value of UK meat, milk and eggs. Where possible, this research is funded through the Sustainable Livestock Production LINK Programme


• Animal feedstuff
• Automated monitoring systems for livestock production
• Automation in dairy farming
• Chemical, microbiological and nutritional determinants of efficient consevation by ensilage
• Conservation and nutritional value of forage crops with particular emphasis on silage microbiology
• Control of voluntary food intake in ruminants
• Dairy cow projects - writing up outstanding work
• Develop techniques and exploit genetic variation to improve forage legumes
• Endocrine control and manipulation of reproduction
• Environmental and welfare aspects of pig and poultry production
• Exploit genetic variability in forage grasses
• Feed chemistry and digestive processes in poultry
• Feed chemistry and digestive processes in poultry.
• Gene identification and gene transfer in farm animals
• Genetic approaches to improving efficiency and quality of UK beef cattle and sheep
• Genetic approaches to improving the UK poultry sector
• Genetic relationships between food intake, growth and carcase quality
• Genetic relationships between food intake, growth, reproductive performance and carcase quality
• Health and welfare aspects of dairy farming
• Improvement of beef suckler cows
• Improvement of hill sheep
• Improvement of suckler cows
• Improving efficiency and quality of UK dairy cattle through genetics
• Improving efficiency and quality of UK pigs and poultry through genetics
• Improving sustainability of UK livestock production through enhanced reproductive performance
• Improving the genetic merit of UK livestock
• Improving the quality and marketable value of meat and milk
• Improving the sustainability of livestock production through optimal nutrition
• Livestock research to improve the Health of the Nation
• Livestock research to improve the health of the nation.
• Lowland deer
• Management of livestock production to sustain and enhance the environment in Less Favoured Areas
• Meat marketing initiatives
• Metabolic manipulation of milk output in dairy cows
• Molecular, cellular and genetic analysis of growth
• Molecular, cellular and genetic analysis of growth in farm animals
• Molecular, cellular and genetic analysis of reproduction in farm animals
• Nutrient utilisation for growth
• Nutrient utilisation for lactation
• Pathogens in milk and diary products
• Physiology of reproduction and nutrition in pigs
• Pig rearing
• Pigs, eggs and poultry projects
• Reproductive technologies in livestock
• Rumen function and microbial metabolism in relation to feed characteristics
• Safety of agricultural buildings under load
• Sward/animal interactions - cattle
• Sward/animal interactions - sheep
• Technology and information transfer initiatives
• Theoretical and molecular genetics of livestock
• Theoretical genetics of dairy cows
• Theoretical genetics of livestock
• To characterise the feeding value of forage and silage using new technologies for predicting nutrien
• To exploit genetic variability in forage grasses
• To improve nutrient utilisation for growth and lactation
• To underpin the genetic improvement of sheep
• To understand and exploit forage legume characteristics
• UK Farm Animal Genetic Resources - Report Project Manager
• Upland resource use and land use options for Less Favoured Areas
• Upland resource use: Grassland management, animal production and land use options for less favoured
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