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Field of Study: Horticulture

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Defra participates in setting quality standards which help free trade both in Europe and internationally.

It closely monitors the quality of fresh fruit and vegetables and provides advice on efficient growing and marketing. The need to reduce unnecessary burdens on businesses and to take advantage of the opportunities for greater trade between member states has led to a streamlining of quality inspections for those traders who consistently meet the high standards demanded.

• Applied functional genomics
• Biological control
• Breeding for annual crops
• Breeding for perennial crops
• Compost manipulation
• Crop development
• Crop nutrition
• Crop pest and pathogen disorders
• Crop scheduling
• Enhancing the storage of fruit and vegetable
• Environmental responses
• Environments for protected cropping
• Genetic manipulation
• Horticultural engineering
• Horticulture LINK
• Integrated pest and disease management systems
• LINK proposed spending
• Molecular techniques in plant breeding.
• Multitrophic interactions
• New approaches to enhance environmentally benign pest and disease control
• Non-horticulture and potatoes division projects assigned to HPH
• Open Competition and Miscellaneous projects
• Pathogen biology
• Pest and disease population dynamics
• Plant growth
• Potatoes: Crop production.
• Potatoes: Crop protection.
• Promotion of Sustainable Horticulture
• Propagation and establishment
• Quality from store
• Sustainable Crop Nutrition
• Sustainable Disease Control
• Sustainable Pest Control
• Sustainable Supply of Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables
• Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Labour
• Sustainable Weed Control
• Uniformity of crop produce
• Weed biology
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