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Field of Study: Fish Health and Aquaculture

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Fish stocks are national and international resources that have to be husbanded carefully. If we lose them from over-fishing, they may take many years to regenerate. We also have to protect all marine species from sea pollution which could wreck their ecology.

• Crustacea Production
• FinFish Cultivation
• Fish and Shellfish Food Hygiene
• Fish and Shellfish Health
• Marine Finfish Production
• Molluscan Production
• Salmonid Production
• Scientific Support for Fish Diseases Legislation
• Scientific Support for the Medicines Act 1968 (and the Food Act 1984) in relation to the Aquatic Env
• Scientific Support for the Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act 1967
• Shellfish Cultivation
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Page last updated : 19 March 2003