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Field of Study: Fertilisers and Nitrate Pollution

Below are details of the field of study selected.


• Application of models
• Assessment of nitrate losses from arable and horticultural crops
• Buffer zones
• Chemical Safety of Feeds
• Cover crops
• Cropping and fertiliser guidelines for arable and horticultural crops
• Encouraging best use of manures
• Fate of organic N
• Fate of organic nitrogen
• Fertiliser composition and contamination
• Guidelines for reduction of nitrate leaching from grassland and forage crops
• Improvement of efficiency of nitrogen use in arable and horticultural crops
• Leaching for horticulture
• Leaching from cereals
• Leaching from grassland and forage
• Leaching from other arable crops
• Loss of N from grassland and improvement in N-use efficiency for grassland
• Manures
• Minimising total losses of nitrogen from agriculture
• N Fertilisers
• Nitrate
• Nutrient Management
• Phosphate Loss
• Phosphate loss from agriculture
• Phosphate Mitigation
• Policy support framework
• Soil science support for NSA
• Strategic Research
• Straw disposal
• Surveillance work on feedingstuffs
• Use of manures
• Whole systems studies
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Page last updated : 19 March 2003